African Wildlife Guide – the Ultimate guide to Africa’s Wildlife

African Wildlife Guide (AWG) is resource for all those interested in knowing Africa’s wildlife. This new guide provides a precise and concise overview of Africa’s variety of wild animals and birds together with information on their habits and habitats.

The guide also provides an excellent introduction to planning a wildlife safari in Africa. Dreaming of an adventure in an untamed nature? Wondering about where to get started with planning a wildlife safari in Africa? Are you asking yourself about the best places to see a particular animal? This guide answers all the important questions on safari planning.

The AWG was built as a virtual home for all African wildlife fans. To get you settled in, we’ve made it simple for you to add comments to any page, ask all those wildlife questions you’ve been dying to have answered, and even post you own photos.
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Our aim

Our African Wildlife Guide aims to eventually cover all of Africa’s wildlife. Our species guide is growing daily and aims to catalogue as many of Africa’s animals as possible, from the smallest bug through to the chubbiest whale. Our photo essays offer unique and amazing observations on animal behaviour and our wildlife articles offer information on everything from how zebras got their stripes to discussions on elephant hunting lions.

African Wildlife

Africa is a powerhouse of evolution. The East and Southern Africa of wildly popular national parks that showcase some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth. Lions lounge lazily under umbrella acacia, the savanna trees that provide the classic image of Africa, and seasonal food for elephants and giraffes. Leopards that prefer to relax in the boughs of large riverine trees, the noisy baboons patrolling all corners for food. Hippos and ruthless Nile crocodiles are easily seen in deceptively inviting rivers and lakes across the subsharan Africa.

The bush savanna provides cover for numerous antelope species, while well wooded and forested areas are a great home to primates. These include the the cheeky vervet monkeys, beautiful colobus monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas and more.

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Traveling the African Continent?

Looking for wildlife? Check over 50 countries! Find out the premier wildlife locations including national parks, game reserves, mountains, deserts, and other untamed areas where you can see incredible wildlife.

Things to Do

Experience a Wildlife Safari in Africa. Get to know the different adventures including game drives with wildlife observations, bird watching trips and unique nature holidays. Your vacation planning starts here!

Wildlife photography
Gorilla photography with Gil Arbel / Bear photography

Top Wildlife Safari Experiences

In Africa every conceivable ecological niche is packed with great wildlife.

  • Gorilla Trekking: You can visit the gorillas in their natural environment. The mountain gorillas live in the tropical rain forests of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.
  • Elephant Safaris: Track desert elephants through the semidesert in Burkina Faso and Mali
  • Chimpanzee Tracking: Look for chimpanzees in the hills of Senegal and Guinea as well as the forests of Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania
  • Dive with great white sharks off the coast of South Africa
  • Birding: Some travelers are excited with bird watching than watching mammals. Africa has more than 1700 bird species in its varied habitats!

Featured Activity

Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Hiking in the wild jungles of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo is one of the most interesting wildlife safari experiences that tourists look for. Often referred to as gorilla trekking, watching the amazing gentle giants; the mountain gorillas is one of the rare experiences that you can enjoy during your visit to East and Central Africa.

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Where to See Africa’s Wildlife

There are a number of countries that host incredible wildlife.
Visit your favorite safari destination:
South Africa / Botswana / Namibia / Kenya / Tanzania / Uganda / Rwanda / Zambia / Zimbabwe


A visit to Africa allows you to experience nature at its finest – almost devoid of human interference, living according to a natural rhythm of life that has remained basically unchanged since the beginning of time (Mark W Nolting – Africa Top Wildlife Countries)

Wildlife Safari Operators

Looking for experts in organizing custom made unforgettable trips for you? We have listed the different tour operators offering wildlife safaris in Africa. the independent traveler.