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What do you say to an eco-friendly safe and sound means of visiting the vast landscapes of Africa? Discovering African life from the safe haven of a hot air balloon…ought to be a redefinition of the expression “out of this world”…it is. The best part about African Balloon safari is that you get a bird’s eye view of the world below, minus any of the pollution hassles.

Are you ready for a private preview before you take a balloon ride?

Here is how you can plan a Fly-In-Safari

African Balloon safari basics:
All you need for a trip in a balloon is finances, a basic level of fitness – you HAVE to be able to clamber in and out of the balloon basket – and an appreciation for nature. Balloon safaris are expensive, especially given that such trips do not usually last more than an hour or 2…but when coupled with all the other luxuries that your tour operator ensures for you it makes up for the pocket pinch.

The flight takes place usually in the mornings when the atmospheric conditions and thermal readings are more suited to such flights. Make sure to wear adequate clothing and carry your camera, it is almost criminal to go for such a ride and NOT carry a camera to capture the verisimilitude of African (wild) life!!!

For any other specific requirements, your tour operator will surely inform you.

Taking flight:
Some of the most popular safari destinations that are also conducive to balloon safaris include Tanzania, Kenya, and Botswana aside from South Africa. These places are more favorable for flying and balloon safaris.

Just make sure that the air travel company is insured, and all will be well.

Top Balloon Safari destinations include:
Savannas and open grassy landscapes which offer a clear view of the wildlife that populates the area.

Places in East Africa that make for a great Balloon safari trip are:

  • Masai Mara National Park in Kenya and Serengeti National Park in Tanzania: wildebeests, gazelles, lions, zebras and more will be greeting your eyes.
  • Selous Game Reserve and Lake Manyara National Park: spectacular landscapes and a great variety of wildlife…that is what is on offer.

Places that make for an amazing balloon safari in the Southern part of Africa are:

  • Botswana’s Okavango Delta: known for its wetlands and bird and wild life.
  • Namib Naukluft desert of Namibia: don’t miss a chance of spotting the Namib Desert elephants.
  • Zambia’s Kafue National Park: the Busanga Plains are home to predators of all sorts.
  • Cape Town: take in the aerial view of amazing vineyards.

Balloon Safari tips to follow:

  • Book your trip 2 weeks in advance to be on the safe side, especially during the peak season.
  • Make sure the safari package comes with accommodation, even if you go about independently.
  • Wear warm clothes, just to avoid the chill.
  • Comfort wear when it comes to footwear is the best option.
  • Keep an eye out for game, especially if you have some specific animals in mind.
  • Coverage is extremely important.

For greater details, take a look at this video, it might help to make an informed decision. Now, are you ready to make an informed decision about African Balloon Safari?!