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Gorilla trekking is the ultimate wildlife viewing adventure in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Today gorilla trekking is always the major highlight of safari journeys to the Eastern part of Africa. The beauty of the wild jungle takes your breath away leaving you with only great memories and moments. All gorilla treks are amazing and humbling giving you a reason to cherish nature. No one fails to love the wild jungle forests the home of gorillas and other forest habitats like birds, monkeys, wild elephants etc. Hiking through the jungles looking for the great apes is a complete delight and there is a lot to discover in the wild jungles! Morning sounds of birds strike loud reminding you that it’s time to get ready for the great day, baby gorillas look too innocent and jolly in trees enjoying comfort of their parents and other gorilla family members stand alert as they observe the next move of the intruders into their territory. This has made gorilla trekking adventures to stand as the most exciting among all wildlife encounters in the whole world!  Gorillas attract thousands to Africa for gorilla holidays each year according to gorilla tracking records and statistics report.

Though gorilla safaris have a reputation for being one of the expensive adventures in Africa, but if you carefully budget for airfares, transport, meals, accommodation and other attraction entrance fees will give you peace of mind and help you enjoy your trip. Plan to spend between $800-$2000 per person for a long or short gorilla trek in Africa depending on the season. This excludes the cost of a round air trip air ticket. Gorilla trekking peak season is June through late October and December to late march according local travel experts and travel agencies. Save money and meet the gorillas by visiting the most accessible gorilla park Bwindi forest in the low season months and connect by bus. It sounds hard but it has always been done by many budget travelers and backpacker. Also decide on the type of accommodation want during your stay in the Africa. Variety waits for your decision including backpacker’s hostels, campsites and budget lodges that range between $5-$50 per night, mid range lodges in the range between $100-$150 plus luxury  lodges  in the range of $350- $1000 per night. All lodge rates are listed in dollars but they can also allow local currencies provided it matches the rate of the U.S dollar.

Consider booking your hotel reservation after booking your gorilla permit because in Uganda Bwindi forest has four sectors each with different accommodations and gorilla families unlike in Rwanda and Congo. However, you can choose to book a private gorilla holiday with a travel agency and warm up for the right day. It’s usually good to travel with some money for extra few expenses like tipping and donations because it’s hard to avoid it. However, for those on backpack gorilla trips good to carry enough money to cover, meals, transport and accommodation. Don’t forget to choice attractions at the time of booking so that you only spend on your favorite attractions. But if your budget is tight make sure you check out attractions with free entrance if you have free days around after the trek and spend exactly just as planned. Don’t forget  to budget  for souvenirs like T-shirts, gorilla wood carvings, fabrics and many more and range from $2-$20.Besides booking your gorilla holiday with a local travel agency or expert will save you all the hustles of where to stay, how to get there ,the best gorilla family to track etc. East Africa is one of the most impressive travel areas in the entire Africa continent and most visited year round.