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Commonly known as the praying mantids they are an unmistakeable insect and one of the more commonly known groups.


The praying mantids’ name derives from the position of the front legs that are held together in front of the face when standing still or stalking prey.

The mantids come in a variety of colours and patterns with green been the dominant colour.

They are highly predatory insects, catching the prey with their spiked front legs.

Prey is caught and held in the front legs.

Some species of mantids are masters of camouflage and resemble leaves, twigs or bark of plants.
The dangers of courtship

The mating of mantids is legendary with the smaller male having to exercise extreme caution to overcome the chance that he will be eaten by the female during mating.

Mythology and range
Mantids play a big part in African mythology with many peoples of Africa revering them as divine beings.

Mantids are found in a range of habitats and are easily found when searched for.