Taurotragus Oryx

Unmistakable as the largest antelope, the eland is tawny in colour and the males have a large dewlap on the throat. Both sexes have short, spiralled horns.



Once widely spread across the savannas of Africa it is now only found in protected areas of east, central and southern Africa.

Social structure
Herds range considerably in size although they can congregate in great numbers. They very nomadic in some areas. Males establish a hierarchal system but do not defend territories as such.

Range differentiation

Variation in plant browse species across the range.


A wide range of habitats from semi desert to savanna, coastal plains and montane regions. They have been recorded at 5000m on Mount Kilimanjaro


They are browsers but they do dig for roots and bulbs and will also graze and eat fruit when available.


They birth throughout the year after a gestation period of 9 months. Calves grow quickly and can reach 500kg in one year.