Oryx Oryx

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Large black and white antelope of the arid areas of Africa with both sexes having long rapier-like horns. Commonly called gemsbok in southern Africa.


South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Angola to separate populations in east Africa and the Horn of Africa.

Social structure
Live in herds that range in size depending on the season and availability of food. They move locally from area to area in relation to food supply. Herds have dominant males.

Range differentiation
Three subspecies are found in Africa: Gemsbok (O.g. gazella) in southern Africa; Beisa (O.g. beisa) and (O.g. callotis) in east Africa and the Horn of Africa. Differences in markings occur across the range.

Found in arid areas and dry savanna. Water is not essential for their survival.

Mixed feeders with a preference for grazing, they also feed on fruits and seeds when available.

Breeding year round but with seasonal peak in the rainy season for birth. Calf is hidden during the day and will join herd after approximately one month.