Sable Antelope

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Hippotragus Niger

The sable is also one of the most beautiful African antelope. Males are jet black on body and females are reddish-brown with both having a white underbelly.


Once widely spread across the savanna’s of Africa they are now only found in pockets in east, central and southern Africa.

Social structure
They live I herds of 20 – 40 individuals. Male territories will overlap the home ranges of breeding herds and the males will try and hold the females in his territory, especially if the females are in oestrus. He will defend his territory from other males by display or fighting as a last resort.

Range differentiation
No differences across the range.

Areas of woodland savanna with long grass. Water is essential. They avoid open savanna.

They are grazers but are known to browse under conditions of drought.

They are seasonal breeders and the calf is born after a gestation period of 9 months. The calf is hidden for a few weeks with the mother returning to suckle it twice a day. The calf is regularly moved to new hiding places reducing the risk of predation