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Antidorcas Marsupialis

The only gazelle species occurring in southern Africa. Tawny upperparts with a white belly and a brown stripe bordering the white.


Found in the northern parts of western south Africa into Namibia, Botswana and southern Angola. Eradicated from much of their range in South Africa but have since been introduced onto game farms and private reserves.

Social structure
Males are territorial during the rutting season and they herd females into their territories. For the rest of the year they move freely about. Herds vary in size depending on the terrain and conditions but when moving to new feeding grounds larger herds will be found. The only large herds found today are in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana.

Range differentiation
The herd size varies according to the area of occurrence. In areas of permanent water they will drink but in other areas they get their fluid from fruit and the food they eat.

Open plains in desert and semi desert areas. They are found in the Namib Desert where they have adapted to live.

They are mixed feeders as they graze and browse. Will also eat fruit in the drier areas. Are known to dig for roots with their front feet.

Lambs are born during the rainy season where conditions are favourable after a 51/2 month gestation period.