Wildlife Viewing in Algeria

Experience the exotic and varied wildlife in Algeria and get the best pleasures of a great vegetation and see how the growth and development of wildlife has occurred here in the land of Algeria. With the best desert areas and grassy locales, this is one exotic paradise in this part of Africa. Catch the best glimpses of the wildlife here and enjoy the sights of species like wild boars, gazelles, and jackals. The beautiful sights of fennecs, jerboas and the leopard and golden jackal are all the lovely ways of experiencing the best of animal delights here in this beautiful heaven of fauna. Wildlife in Algeria is also made up of a lot of avian acrobats and thus is it is also a great haven for all birds.

Boars Gazelles

A perfect paradise for bird lovers this is a top tourist hub for all those who want to enjoy the wildlife variety in Africa. Snakes, animals, monitor lizards and other such animals are a great enchantment for those who come to this part of the world. The semi arid regions of Algeria are the common habitats here and they are found living with the rodents here.

Most of the endangered species are found here in Algeria and the rare animals are very well preserved by the law in Algeria. The serval is the most endangered animal and this is a lovely animal here in the land of Algeria. A little smaller than the leopard the serval is long and has elegant ears that belong to the cat family. These lovely animals are still found in northern Algeria.

A very popular animal here is the Mediterranean monk seal and this is amongst the most endangered Algerian species. These seals live in caves along the Algerian coast. The animals have reduced here due to over fishing and pollution. The wild dogs here and the bat species here are also considered as the most endangered kinds. Most of the protective programs here are towards the protection of wildlife here.

Enjoy the adventurous tours in Algeria and benefit with the explorations in this part of the world. This is an integral part of the tours here and if you are looking out for the most in thrill and adventure then Algeria is the place to be. The vibrant activities here and the lovely zone of Maghreb satiates your thirst for perfect adventure.

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