Experience a Game Walk in the Okavango Delta

Another exciting day on our over landing trip with a game walk through the bush! In the Okavango Delta we had a top guide and it was an amazing experience!

After are afternoon/evening walk on the first day, the second day we had to wake up very early for our morning game walk. The group was split up in teams of 5, and our group of course took the longest game walk of 4 hours!Starting in the early morning it was not too hot, and we were hiking along nicely finding some tracks of lion and hyena close to the camp. The first animals we actually saw were Tsessebe, which are antelopes who prefer to stay in the wetlands.

It was quite a big herd and seeing them run through the marshes was an amazing sight.We crossed the wetlands and got to a big open plain. Here our guide somehow saw the bottom of a zebra in the bush. How he recognized this, I have no idea, but after trekking trails through the bush we found them. No more than 100 meters away was a small herd of zebra, later joined by a blue wildebeest bull.By this time we were really feeling the heat and our water was running low, so we headed back to camp.

On our way back an elephant crossed our path and we waited as it crossed the plains. Besides all these mammals, before we found our way back to the camp we also spotted a beautiful eagle in the sky. At the camp we took a well-deserved dip into the river.In the evening Christmas dinner was served, a lovely turkey roasted by our wonderful cook Moses. After dinner we went on a game drive or boat ride with the mokoro’s and spotted a buffalo to top of a great day of wildlife spotting in the Okavango Delta.Next day we left the Eco-friendly environment of the Okavango Delta with our Mokoro’s and headed back to our campsite in Maun where the overland truck awaited us.

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