Enjoy a Magical Encounter with Migration Safari

To put it simply, if you have opted for Migration Safari …  you are either going to Tanzania or Kenya. Thus, as you can well understand, planning a migration safari and catching hold of the best of Africa’s wildlife as they migrate is comparatively easy…or, is it?

Let’s find out!

Planning a Migration Safari in Kenya or Tanzania

Migration in Tanzania’s Serengeti is active for 9 long months of the year whereas, in Kenya’s Masai Mara it is active only for 3 months; August, September and October.

It is advisable that you visit either Kenya or Tanzania. Don’t combine both of them.

Make sure you

  • Have a map of Serengeti…if you have opted for Tanzania.
  • Know how the migration works in theory.
  • Know that the migration

itself involves around 1, 5 million wildebeest, gazelle and zebra on the move.

The resident game doesn’t follow the migration beyond their specific ranges.

  • Know that you can find the resident game in and around their home all the year round.
  • Opt for destinations other than Masai Mara or Serengeti if you choose to view specific game species like elephant, wild dog or leopard.

Now, coming to the real planning!

These are a few things you should keep in mind

  • Plan in advance: It is best to plan in advance. Because, if you are late…not only will the prices be high… there will also be this big uncertainty about getting accommodation.
  • Crowd density: Masai Mara and Serengeti have some pretty big hotels and lodges which is why crowd density can be a problem. If you want to get your way round the crowd, plan your trip with smaller outfits. These outfits plan their trips at flexible times like in the morning before the place gets crowded. They organize breakfasts under the tree while the minibuses are doing rounds. They also zero in on quieter spots where you can spend the afternoons and the evenings away from the hustle and bustle of crowds.
  • Availability of good guides: Standard good professional guides who are experienced, reputable, and dedicated can make a big difference to your safari experience. They will help you come real close to the wild life…without encroaching upon their private space.

So, if you really plan a migration safari for your next holiday…you can seek the help of The Africa Guide. They will provide customized package tours for your migration safari…

They will extensively cover all the areas of Kenya or Tanzania and will not leave you wanting anything else.

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