Most Popular Safaris in Africa

Africa is a great travel continent full of natural wonders, culture, wildlife, mountains, primates, birds, landscape and any trip to Africa is like discovering a new world on the planet. One can never know what new sight and experience each day will bring though each day comes with new moments and memories. Many travelers love Africa for the same reason you will have to explore the beautiful attractions in the continent. Here is a list of the most popular safaris in Africa and I believe heading out one will change your all life.

Masai Mara Wildlife

What is so much unusual about Masai Mara is the concentration of wildlife year round and  the annual Great Migration between July and October as mass wildebeest cross the mighty Mara River. Zebra and antelopes migrate in masses something you will never forget about Africa. I have been lucky enough to witness the battle of crocodiles and wildlife on Mara river hope you do any time soon. Besides, it’s one of the best national parks to visit in Kenya for adventurers and wildlife lovers. The Masai culture is another dramatic attraction in the park that will take you into the life style and culture of the Kenya people.

Kruger National Park Wildlife

The known paradise for wildlife in south Africa and an excellent ground for wildlife viewing safaris in Africa. Experience the beauty and diversity of South African National Park in the many game reserves in Kruger national park found northern part of the country bordering Mozambique. The biggest game reserve in south Africa  is a home not only to wildlife but also  over 500 bird species, eye-catching trees and flowers, Mammals and visitors can explore the great park by safari vehicles, hot balloon safaris and alos plane.

Serengeti National Park

Experience the unforgettable in Africa’s finest wildlife park in Tanzania-Serengeti a famous endless savanna plains coloured with all kinds of wildlife species including the big five. To enjoy this trip reserve a private scheduled trip  with a few days to other Tanzania wildlife  parks, Ngorongoro crater and Manyara and  spend mornings and afternoons outside viewing wildlife. Photography is the order of the day but ending your trip with a visit to Zanzibar Island isn’t a bad idea.

Gorilla Trekking Safari in Uganda

I have for long held the belief that mountain gorillas- Bwindi forest national park are the best for any gorilla safari in Africa. Did you know that though Uganda is a home to half of the world remaining mountain gorillas, Bwindi national park is a home to 95% of the populations within Uganda that it shares with Mgahinga Gorilla National Park? Tracking gorillas in Uganda is a unique experience and high on may travel bucket list of travelers to Africa. Do you want to have a close look at a silver back gorillas and its family members, Uganda gorilla safaris will offer you just that. However, one can also track gorillas in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo other great safari destinations for gorilla watching in the Region.

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