Why You Need a Toyota Super Custom for Your Family Vacation in Uganda

There are many details to consider when planning a family vacation in Africa.  Whether your family includes two or ten people, you will, no doubt, be presented with the challenge of including a number of things such as sights and activities that appeal to all in your group. Without proper planning, a family vacation can easily become stressful and disappointing for everyone. So, do yourself a favor and plan ahead!

One of the most difficult aspects of planning such vacations is finding the best mean of transport that can bring you all with comfort without out looking figuring your expenses.  This is because most of the family vacations in Africa involve traveling to different destinations.

For instance for a Safari Adventure to Uganda, it would be of much enjoyment with all your family members if you included two to three National parks to your itinerary of which the most preferred by families are a bit distanced apart. Therefore, to optimize your costs while traveling in comfort you would need a good vehicle like a Toyota Super Custom.

How does it look like?

A Toyota Super custom is in form of a cab-over body styled vehicle belonging to the HI-Ace family of cars that were introduced on the market by Toyota in late 1960’s. In this executive mini-bus, five (5) passengers are recommended for long journeys though can go up to seven (7) or eight (8). This is usually hired by a group of travelers such as families going for different purposes such as corporate events or picnics and safari adventures.

Why you need it as family

The Toyota Super custom was made with the full-time four wheel drive (4WD) that keeps the wheels moving forward under tough conditions that is very common with the nature of Uganda’s roads and most parts of Africa at large. With its make designed to make deep treks into rough terrain, this can take you as far as you may want to adventure with your family for example for game drives even in remote National parks such as Kidepo Valley in North Eastern Uganda.

It is extremely comfortable with good spacing of the seats. Its seats are also flexible as the passengers can sit facing each other or up front.

The flexible seats of a Toyota Supercustom

This can keep your family together in terms of continued interaction and not bored in the same sitting posture as you move. With an extra of very cool Air Conditioning system, MP3 Player and CD as well as USB stick drive ports, it keeps the safari moving.

Indeed this van was made ideal for road-trip. It has an extra cargo capacity making it a comfortable sleeping and hang-out spot under any weather conditions with your kids. This provides enough space for all your luggage and other stuff such as camping and cooking equipment. This particularly makes the Super Custom popular for family or group travelers.

Despite appearing executive mostly the interior, this vehicle is a cheap car to hire on a Uganda Self Drive trip as its rental quotations range between $60 to $80 per day depending on the length of the rental period and other extras.

Toyota Super custom tinted windows

Last but not least, a super custom guarantees a lot of privacy as it comes with tinted windows; thus people from the outside cannot see the interior of the car but the passengers can see the outside environment and letting in more fresh air. They also have an open roof in types of sliding glass or pop-up to allow you and family members look at the outside environment from top of the roof and this is most ideal with game viewing in the wilderness.

How to get it

You can rent a Toyota Super custom from a number of travel agencies mainly Car Rental companies and sometimes Tour companies. You can find car rental agencies online, reserve and book there and then as according to your preferences and agreements.

Take Note

However, sometimes your trip can be ruined and put the blame on the vehicle or supplier though sometimes could the cause have been poor planning. Therefore, before hitting the road, take note of the following;

  1. One of the most common drawbacks of Toyota Super customs is fuel consumption. To most with diesel powered engines, a liter can take you some 5 – 7km accordingly to the way you drive and experience. Their Petrol variant however can take 6 – 9km accordingly as well. This is why you need a proper planning for all this before. Always make sure to keep it not less than quarter a tank before breaking off for the night, this ensures enough fuel left to start on your journey to your next destination the following day before reaching another gas station.
  2. If you are traveling to remote destinations such as Kidepo where gas stations are a bit hard to find and not sure of the amount of fuel you are left with, you can travel with some extra in a 20-litre jerry can.
  3. As with driving any other car, it is always advisable to regularly inspect it most especially early in the morning before starting it. While driving, don’t forget to look out for engine heating, proper service since it is a turbo diesel engine and radiator water or coolant so that it doesn’t ruin your vacation.
  4. In most super customs, a number of travelers complain about overheating but this always comes with radiator complications. When the radiator is in good shape and you have a well working Air Conditioning system, then what else can keep you away with having the best time of your vacation with your family!

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