Best Destinations for Gorilla Safaris in Africa

Gorilla Safaris rank among the best adventures one can ever take in Africa. Today the gorillas are only native to ten countries in Africa. Amongst these countries a few have developed facilities that make it easy to watch these great apes in Africa. Many people wonder about the best places to go gorilla trekking in Africa. Here is a guide to watching the mountain gorillas and the best countries to visit for your safari.


With no doubt when it comes to tourist attraction, this small country turns the biggest when it comes to tourist attraction and that’s why it’s referred to as the pearl of Africa due to very many fascinating tourism fraternities found in the country and many are not found elsewhere in the world. One of the unique features which have won Uganda position as the best safari destination on plant is the rare mountain gorillas, mountain gorilla tracking is regarded as the most done and memorable adventure activity on earth and Uganda is gifted for housing these species. In the world their only three countries that host these species Uganda is inclusive the other two are Rwanda and democratic republic of Congo, but among all these countries Uganda is the leading gorilla safari destination in the world, it houses almost half of the world’s mountain gorilla population over 480 individuals live in Uganda’s popular national parks that’s Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla forest national park both located in the south western part of Uganda. Many tourists kept on jetting into the country to at least spend one or two days in the wild while having a close eye with these rare species in their natural habitat.

Over 70% of Uganda’s tourists come specifically to track these great apes in their natural habitats making it the number one tourist attraction in Uganda. Mountain gorillas have generated a lot of revenue to the government and it has also improved on the standards of living of the people who live near the park. However not only gorillas but there are a number of unique activities which are liked by very many tourists like the game viewing to catch up with the rare species like the tree climbing lions which are spotted in the Queen Elizabeth National park, bird watching as Uganda is gifted with over 1032 species of birds so bird lovers, Uganda is the only place to go, and some of these bird species are not found elsewhere in the world. Cultural tours, this tourist attraction makes Uganda one of the best safari destination since Uganda is known as a cultural melting spot with over 52 tribes so get interacted with the local people and learn more about their culture, chimpanzee trekking meeting with our close relatives the chimps is breathtaking, sharing the love of chimps with gorillas is a moment in life very difficult to forget. Nature walks, hiking among many more tourist attractions make Uganda the best safari destination on planet. These combined have greatly influenced very many people to come and have a classic adventurous experience which is hard-to enjoy in other countries.

It should be remembered that in year 2012 Uganda was ranked as the leading tourism destination by the lonely planet and this greatly marketed it to the rest of the world. Uganda gained a lot of fame and since then it has registered a very big number of travelers’ whole over the world that come and see its natural wonders. Book with us for any safari in Uganda we will help you reach where you cannot reach by yourself and explore these Uganda natural wonders

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