Rhino bracelets boosts rhino protection

The Bead Coalition’s RHINO FORCE division, the home of the best-selling rhino bracelet, has donated a R 280.000.00 4×4 vehicle to the International Anti Poaching Foundation (IAPF), founded by Damien Mander. The vehicle will assist the IAPF to reach remote areas threatened by rhino poaching. The company will be raising the donation through the sale of RHINO FORCE bracelets.

In addition, the IAPF will be receiving 10% of the suggested retail price of every hand-beaded RHINO FORCE bracelet sold in South Africa.

Anti-poaching rangers form the first line of defence for our wildlife. Without the right training and equipment, they cannot defend natural areas. The IAPF believes in wildlife conservation through direct action. It develops, implements and manages: Anti-poaching ranger training; conservation security plans; wildlife crime information systems and more. In 2009, Damien Mander, a former Australian Royal Navy Clearance Diver and Special Operations military sniper, formed the IAPF to use his unique skills for conservation.

“Having RHINO FORCE in our corner is a huge step in the right direction, we are truly grateful. We are fighting a world wildlife war and the rangers who spend their lives at the front-lines need all the support they can get. I don’t ask you to consider whether or not rangers should be trained or equipped to the genuine levels required, I ask if you will accept the outcome if we do not follow this path?” says Damien Mander, CEO of IAPF.

Red, black and white RHINO FORCE beaded bracelets are worn for rhino conservation globally, and are sold online at or at various retailers and lodges in Southern Africa for R40 each. We deliver worldwide.

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