Kocho Wildlife Experiences in Central Africa

There is something very exclusively beautiful about the Central African Republic. This region in Central Africa is a land with absolutely no human encroachment and is the place where the Congo rainforest meets the lovely picturesque hills and also the savannas in the north. Stretching from the beautiful streams and the lovely majestic mountains, this region has the Rivers Chinko, Mbari, and the Vovodo flowing through the region. These rivers flow across the most fantastic swamps and the most mesmerizing plains.

Spanning an area of around two million hectares in the middle of the best kind of verdant expanse, Kocho is a lovely place where one would surely get the best visual delights. Natives have never hunted this place and even if it is very far away yet, the area is very special and thus also increasing the interest of the tourist here. So forest hunting and savannah sights are very unique here so you could be ensconced in the surroundings of the best wildlife pleasures. This is truly an adrenalin rush experience and the entire place is replete with the most vivid travel luxury.

The adventure tours here are so arranged that most of your experiences would be filled with excitement and thrill. So if you want the experience of true wilderness and want to have an unforgettable experience then come here to the land of Kocho and enjoy the best ever wildlife experience.

Kocho is the main region, in the camping pleasures of Central Africa and is located on the River Siriri. Situated in the center of the hunting area and is around half an hour from the airstrip this is a great location to begin your adventurous escapades. The luscious green vegetation and absolute presence of equatorial forests here is a total amalgamation of savannah and the best green zones in this part of the world. The entire camp breathes in peace and is laden with the most memorable adventure ecstasies.

There are bungalows here where you can live and this experience of being in the most private zone with the comfort of living with ease makes the presence of the natural ambiance even more magical. The bungalows are constructed with woven grass mats and burnt bricks and have a bedroom and a bathroom too. There are toilet facilities and also provisions for a cold or hot shower. There is a sink which overlooks the lovely river. Light facilities are also provided for the tourists who like the special experience of burning the oil lanterns. Today however you have 220-volt lamps which give light to the tourists.

There is a dining mess is located at the meeting point of the Kocho and the Siriri. This gives a fantastic view of the banks on the other side. On this side, there is a saltlick which totally attracts the bushbucks, waterbucks, baboons, warthogs, and many other such special living beings. There is a dining area which is a natural granite rock that is in the center of the water which is joined by a wooden bridge. There is a campfire that is lit here and as the sun sets in the evening, the trees and the stars seem to be in tandem with each other.

There is a greatly convenient bar which gives the much-needed refreshment that the tourist needs at noon and so the hunters who come back from the camp after a hard trek enjoy the relaxation that they get here in the bar. They have their favorite drink and with the campfire in front the entire experience is unbelievable. Hear the hyena laugh and enjoy the entire experience.

The Kocho camp in Central Africa is not just a hunting camp in the midst of greenery but is a great Eden of adventurous pleasures. The hunter as well as the nonhunter enjoys his experience here and so it is a great idea to be in this part of the world and enjoy the wildlife travails here.

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