Meet the Tree Climbing Lions of Uganda

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July 26, 2019
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Meet the Tree Climbing Lions of Uganda

Have you ever heard about the tree climbing lions of Africa? It is relatively rare for lions to climb trees. As they generally populate areas where trees are sparse, it’s not a useful skill to have for hunting. However, on some occasions, lions can be seen climbing into trees and resting there and this is common on Uganda safaris through Queen Elizabeth National Park, western Uganda. Another known place where tree lions can be seen is Tanzania.

Why Do Lions Climb Trees?

It is generally theorized that they do this in order to escape biting flies and insects that bother them when they lie on the ground. This would certainly be consistent with the fact that they tend to be seen using the trees for lounging and sleeping rather than prowling. It appears to be a learnt behaviour, and so can therefore be seen as a cultural trait of these lions, but it is still unclear why this behaviour is rare in other lions groups.

But however though it is rare for lions to climb trees there are some places where they do climb. This is interesting and one would never miss out on such an experience. In East Africa there are two places where you can see the famous tree climbing lions. That is in Uganda, Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park and Lake Manyara northern Tanzania.

There are several wildlife safaris that take you into the jungles of Ishasha to see the climbing lions. These Uganda safaris range from short 3 days wildlife safaris to longer camping safaris into the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

About the Ishasha Sector

Ishasha, also known as the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth, has been referred to as one of the most alluring game viewing areas in East Africa famous for its tree climbing lions. Ishasha is dominated by acacia woodland and scrubland and features the meandering Ishasha river, banked by a riparian forest.

Ishasha boasts giant tree climbing lions. Even when these lions are on the ground they are very nice to see. This is also the only place in the protected area to see topi.Read more about climbing lions in Ishasha – Queen Elizabeth national Park

At Ishasha the lions stay in big fig trees. The southern circuit of Ishasha has these trees along some of the tracks which increase the luck to find them. The Park Staff knows where the lions have been sighted in the recent weeks and days which help scouting them as well.
But Ishasha has much more to offer than the tree-climbing lions. Large herds of buffalo’s, Uganda Kobs can be seen when driving over the plains of Ishasha in the open savannah. Elephants are also frequently seen.  An overnight at Ishasha wilderness camp offers the best view for the tree climbing lions. It’s a unique sight and few people get to witness.

Ishasha is full of magic, wonders and most of all it leaves you with memorable experience! Ishasha is truly one of those places in Africa you can never forget!

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