Walk With Lions on an African Safari

Looking for the best safaris in Africa? Why not try out this Best of adventure travel in Africa rated to be among the best 15 Africa Safaris:

Walk with Lions & Swim with Elephants This adventure is offered by some of the most renowned adventure travel experts; the Pathfinders Africa! On this expedition: you will enjoy Walking with Lions and Swimming with Elephants. A great wildlife experience for people of all ages, giving you the chance to get up and close with two of the Big Five. This expedition takes place in Zimbabwe at the private game park, Antelope Park, home to a major African Lion Rehabilitation and Breeding program. The expedition is 7 days long and all accommodation and meals are taken care of in the expedition cost. The expedition includes the following activities:

  • Walking alongside wild lions
  • Playing with lion cubs
  • Experienced guides at your side
  • Feeding the elephants
  • Ride on the back of swimming elephants
  • Various other wildlife experiences

If you want to experience all of this, check out the Pathfinders Africa – Walk with Lions and Swim with Elephants expedition. Tomorrow I will review the Scuba Diving in Mozambique expedition. I can’t wait to cover this expedition, as I will be doing my scuba diving course in Cape Town shortly. If only the water was as warm in Cape Town as it is in Mozambique! We are interested in your feedback and comments. What do you consider to be a true adventure in Africa? Let us know and we’ll pass it onto the guys at Pathfinders.

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