Exploring Queen Elizabeth National Park

For safaris above and beyond nature, wildlife discoveries on boat and game drive, community experience and primates adventure please check in for Queen Elizabeth National Park trips. The journey to the park will begin in Kampala or Entebbe or from any of your respective rest inn in Uganda to prevail for the undiscovered in western Uganda.

Early in the morning with blossom sun rise, start off your safari in Uganda. You will stretch through Masaka Road with the magnificent nature look along your way; there will be programmed stopovers before you reach your destiny. One will beat the longitude marked as O0 commonly known as the Equator that crosses the earth to divide the northern hemisphere from the southern hemisphere to enjoy the gratitude, taking memorable photographs, the water experience. An experiment is water sinks into a can from the funnel when placed in the southern hemisphere and it will rotate clockwise and when the same experiment is placed and performed in the northern hemisphere, water rotate anticlockwise as it sinks into the can from the placed funnel,buying souvenirs, and too taking breakfast if it’s a priority before starting the journey to relate with time will end a brief notation at the equator.

At this time the guide will drive you comfortably to Mbarara via Lyantonde district but before you reach there for lunch.Most travellers enjoy their lunch in Mbarara Town most especially at Agip Motel. During the drive you may come across several birding species along your way and you will agree with Sir Winston Churchill that Uganda is the pearl of Africa so expect to explore more.

After a full packaged lunch continue with your scenic drive en-route to Kasese road via Ishaka to Rubirizi district to check in for the accommodation in Queen Elizabeth national park. There are numerous hotels and lodges suggest to choose from of which there is; Mweya safaris lodge the most popular luxury lodge in the park, Katara lodge, buffalo safari lodge, Ihamba lodge, Enganzi, bush lodge, King fisher, Kyambura lodge, and twin lakes Lodge etc. All these can be used as accommodation to stay in for travelers intending to take safaris in Queen Elizabeth national park.

For the accommodations that are with in the park and on the edges of the park there are quite a good listing of safari lodges like Enganzi, Katara have gotten such an interesting view of the national park because they are established on hills that gives you’re a systematic view of the savanna park.

Activities and areas of interest in Queen Elizabeth NationalPark

Game Drive
This is a unique adventure through the Kasenyi plains, the northern Kazinga plains, and the Ishasha sector for tree climbing lions for all travelers who have accessed the activity, it’s recommended by principle that a game drive is done twice a day that is early in the morning and late in the evening, and visitors travel following an itinerary and so all clients go to bed having been briefed for the next day field activity.
For the case of Queen Elizabeth National Park, for clients who sleep inside the park like Mweya safaris lodge will just set for early in the morning for wildlife tracking areas in search for wildlife animals; however for visitors who had their nights in lodges outside the park like Enganzi, Katara, buffaro, will be required to depart their rooms to the check in point for registrations and rules of game drive.

To go tracking the king of the jungle “Lion” will require clients keep time at least by 8:00am one should be at the gate when animals are starting to go feed, that’s the best time that by chance you will to find prides of lions on a hunt for their feast in the mating grounds of antelopes, there are places marked for the activity such as the old and new kaguta meeting ground tracks, in these grounds you will find several animals like Uganda kobs, bushbucks, Oribis, Bates’s pygmy antelope, that keep grazing here and more groups will always attract lions prides despite the fact that lions are carnivores animals they feed on the herbivores animals that are always in herds grazing.

Along your way, it’s a must to find huge herds of Elephants and buffaloes feeding stride across the game drive tracks in herd with the young ones, watching them in their habitat is best of memorable experience for the fact being that buffaloes have a character of sleeping in muddy places as a mechanism of creating a hard layer on their bodies when the sun rises to protect themselves from dangerous insects like tsetse flies that keep sucking blood out of them of protection.

There are other common herbivores animals like warthogs that bend on their news while feeding in the grassland, there are common waterbucks and sitatungas antelopes grazing.

Mweya peninsula
Here you will experience queen’s focal point. You will drive to the visitor’s information center located 22 kilometers from the main road through the Kabatoro gate to Mweya for all details needed and activities in the park like accommodation, hostels, campsite, and budget food options.
It is through Mweya peninsula that you will connect to the boat, you may either decide to use a Uganda Wildlife Authority boat that usually departs at 3:00 pm that you are entitled to pay USD 30 and the other one is kingfisher boat for USD28 that departs at 2:00pm.

This launch cruise is a link to Kazinga channel for wildlife where the banks are chummed with animals like elephants, hippos, buffaloes and water birds, there are birds all over the banks like weaver birds, marabou storks, monitor lizards stride the banks and a view of king fisher birds that usually live in a pair, you will enjoy a wonderful experience when you travel with your binoculars for a perfect view of objects. Notice; a boat is scheduled for 2 hours sailing time with good guiding from the experts and you will be comfortable adventuring wildlife in a boat seat.

Community activities around the queen Elizabeth national park

There are several opportunities around the park and one of them is farming by the locals of the area, coffee, bananas, onions, Irish potatoes are the main crops grown here but in the due process. Despite the fact that plantations are close and almost in the park and it’s like a zone that harbors fresh roots and leaves that are best admired by the adjacent herbivores animals especially the elephants, farms establish different mechanisms to protect their areas from such dangerous animals that may end up damaging and eating their crops.

By the evening around 6:00pm to 7:00pm farmers start to slope to their farms to go protect their gardens. In this case they make fire places that will scare away animals between the park demarcations and their gardens, elephants that seem to be coward animals when it comes to noise with high pitches. Here every farmer is safe with a can or any of metallic objects that can be hit to produce sound that will scare and chase away these wild animals.

However at times these elephants may come in big masses and when this happens, with the help of tourism police, they may be forced to fire guns that make heavy sounds that will scare the elephants, so clients should not be scared because the tourism police is all over the place for security as you experience and discover the undiscovered.

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