The Return of Cheetahs to Angola!

Scientists saw cheetahs in southern Angola for the first time in three decades since the now-ended civil war devastated the animal’s habitat, a conservation group said Wednesday. After a three day survey in the arid Iona district of Angola bordering Namibia, cheetah specialist Laurie Marker reported the sighting of cheetahs!

Male cheetahs leave their droppings on trees as territorial markings, Marker reported to the Cheetah Conservation Fund, an international research organization based in this northern Namibian town.

“We found nine different marking trees,” he said. In one, he saw cheetah dung. Then “two male cheetahs ran out. It was very exciting – there are cheetahs in Angola!” he said. Cheetahs are the fastest of all cats and are found in few countries within Africa. A cheetah is known to run at speeds of 70mph (113km/hr)! The cheetah preys on deer and buck that have also returned to the 3.8 million acre (1.6 million hectare) Iona wilderness area designated a nature preserve.

The conservation group said that Marker used a Global Positioning System to record locations where he found likely cheetah prey, including one herd of about 1,000 springbok, a southern African gazelle known for jumping and running at speed when startled.

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