Elephant Behaviour

In the natural cycle species mate with their own to ensure the survival of the species – this is the way of the wilderness – but as in most things there are exceptions to the rule. In today’s world man has interfered so much in the natural scheme of things that more and more ‘unnatural’ behaviour is noted in animals – some stranger than than others.

As they watched the elephant came across a white rhino grazing peacefully, and the one elephant began to toy with the rhino.

After a few minutes of pushing the rhino around the elephant moved behind the rhino and laid its trunk on the rhino’s back.

The elephant then proceeded to mount the rhino, which continued to graze.

A theory for this behaviour is that the elephant was showing dominance behaviour, although many question this.

The elephant eventually climbed down, with the rhino still showing no reaction.

The elephant continued to pester the rhino which eventually moved off. Was this a case of the elephant not having had the behavioural training from an adult?

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