Rwanda is one of the only three countries in the world where mountain gorillas are found. The Rwanda gorilla safari allows visitors to easily explore the most beautiful natural forests of Volcanoes National Park covered with a rich mix primates, birds, wildlife and trees.

Among all the park biodiversity, mountain gorillas are the prime attraction in Rwanda. These great apes live in Volcanoes National Park and have made Rwanda an impressive destination. Today Rwanda is a favorite destination for gorilla tracking in Africa. Usually a stop by at the Volcanoes National Park is a must to see amazing forest creatures and masters of the bamboo jungle forest. Volcanoes National Park lies in a 3 hour drive distance from Kigali city in the northern part of Rwanda. The park sits in a calm great village of Kinigi, Musanze District in Northern Rwanda.

The landscape, natural forest, mountain gorillas and golden monkeys are some of the natural attractions that bring visitors here every day. However, mountain gorillas and golden monkeys are some of Rwanda’s most beautiful and rare wildlife with in the park that team with flora and fauna offering a life changing wildlife experience to visitors. Access to this park is by road but visitors have to book their gate pass(Rwanda Gorilla permit) as an appointment letter to meet up with these incredible creatures. Meeting ups are organized daily by several tour agents but the appointment passes or permits are secured once for the day’s trek. But if your interest is meeting up with the primates twice, it can also be arranged at the time of booking.

Gorilla Permits
The fee for gorilla visits is US$1500 per person for Foreign Non Residents, US $450 for foreign but East African residents and 20,000 Frw for Rwandan citizens. This is inclusive of park entry fees.

For those planning to take an independent gorilla safari, it is advisable to organize your own transportation to take you up to the park boundaries.

On the day of you are scheduled to trek, you must present yourself for briefing at the ORTPN offices situated at the prefecture offices in Musanze at 7:00 AM. ORTPN currently has a team of 80 trackers and anti-poachers, many of whom speak French or English.

Why Visit Rwanda

Rwanda is home to the world remaining mountain gorillas. Rwanda is  home to the most friendly and rich cultured  residents the Banyarwanda that keep the country lively when tourists are in the area. Rwanda is indeed an interesting destination with all you need for a great Africa safari experience.

Rwanda’s location makes it an ideal alternative to tourists on other Africa safari holidays in nearby countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and many more to explore the rest of the country. Most tourists to Rwanda also travel to / from Uganda and DR Congo, the most close rich cultured and mountain gorilla countries usually across borders to experience more incredible attractions in the region.

Other Things to See in Rwanda

Kigali is a vibrant town that draws the tourism at many Rwanda towns and villages since its one of the best places to visit in Rwanda. A trip to Kigali city especially to Gisozi Genocide Memorial site, an artisan shopping centre to view and purchase local arts and crafts, Kigali Museum with an afternoon at the Crystal View Cocktail Lounge on the eighth floor of the Top Tower Hotel for panoramic views overlooking the entire city of Kigali!
Nyungwe Forest National Park –

Rwanda Safaris

Is the best way to understand Rwanda and its beauty? After the trip, tourists come to understand why the country is called the land of thousand hills. Visit Rwanda and explore its breath taking magical attractions as you confirm your own travel legend

Travel Planner

Traveling in Rwanda proves to you the unique great amazing beauty Africa has from, landscape, wildlife, attractions people and community. However, there is much for one to see in this remarkable African country and captivating moments make tourists and visitors move around the country at a slow pace making several stops in different areas of tourism interest.

Rwandan people are too friendly that they don’t get tired of welcoming tourists to their beautiful land. While in Rwanda modernity and class is found in Kigali Rwanda’s capital but every town and city is unique and amazing. Rwanda has something for everyone to enjoy a vacation despite the rare tourist demands and interest. Are primates your priority or wildlife, culture or history, come and get your answers as you explorer the land of thousand hills. As the most magical destination in Africa, Rwanda is best known for the magical and surprising mountain gorilla tracking experience and whoever heads out on any Rwanda gorilla trip, comes back with a heavy package of memories.