The land of a thousand hills has incredible wildlife populations. it is home to the endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys and more. Rwanda was greatly affected by the 1993 civil war where lots of the country’s green ecosystems were destroyed as soldiers turned national parks in to battlefields. Before the genocide broke out, Rwanda was a very beautiful green country however the whole story changed after the three months of deadly killings among the people. The major ecotourism sites and wildlife ecosystems were greatly devastated. After the war, the Rwandan government started fighting hard to restore its beauty as time went on. This was not very easy but it was excellently done and today you may not believe it but Rwanda is the leading ecotourism destination in east Africa.

Most of the once destroyed ecosystems have now been recovered and are among the most visited destinations worldwide by nature lovers.

To begin with is volcanoes national park located in northwestern Rwanda. A home to the rare mountain gorillas, volcanoes national park was in the 1993 a fighting base but now after great conservation efforts is the most preferred and visited national park in Rwanda.  May travelers have enjoyed gorilla tours in this this well protected area.The mountain gorilla population in this national park is increasing steadily and every day a group of 8 tourists go in the forests trekking one of the 10 habituated mountain gorilla families that they spend with an hour of incredible wildlife experiences.

Nyungwe forest is another ecotourism destination in Rwanda. This forest is very unique and its one of the thickest natural forests in east Africa. It’s located in the southwestern Rwanda covering several kilometers over a number of hills. This forest is also inhabited by a number of wildlife species and most famous for the chimpanzees. A number of nature lovers visit this massive forest and involve in a number of activities like nature walks, canopy walks and many others as they listen to the sounds of nature. Nyungwe forest is an eco tourism destination one should not surely miss while in the land of a thousand hills.

Far east is Akagera national park the only savanna park in Rwanda with a number of wildlife species found no where else in the country. Within this national park is lake Ihema one of the major lakes and river Akagera that harbor a number of aquatic wildlife species including the hippos and crocodiles. An eco friendly lodge was constructed near the river (Ruzizi tented camp)and being in one of the rooms at this tented camp is really unique and exciting.

Gishwati Mukura is yet another ecotourism destination site and a newly established national park in Rwanda. Also located in the western part of Rwanda this forest also offers great natural experiences with great sights and sounds of nature