Budget Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Uganda has always been great gorilla safari tour destination with or without a private car, January to December and its one of the most budget gorilla safari destinations I would recommend in Africa. The locals are friendly and easy going through a successful gorilla tour needs to have a hand of an experienced tour expert. I know many now are thinking about being over charged and all that but some tour agents are flexible in all aspect that tourists book some essentials with them and are guided all through.

It’s always good to book your gorilla permit and transport with a reorganized tour agent who will ensure that your trip becomes a success. They are also always informed that you can get all answers to your gorilla safari in minutes an easy method compared to reading a magazine, travel book or review. However, if you want to track gorillas on budget in Uganda, see bellow how best you can do it.

Go Backpacking

It’s not every day that you will travel with locals and share some few staff that they use in real life, so all you need is flexibility and behaving like a local and everything will work out your way. But forget trusting whoever smiles for you, change some cash into local currency and carry along all the trip essentials –valid passport and gorilla permit. When using this option, don’t carry a lot of language, if possible hire trekking gears at the park and travel light. The journey to the park may be long but the experience is worth every struggle. This is the cheapest way possible for those looking at enjoying and spending less.

Track Gorillas in April, May & November

It’s definite that all Uganda gorilla safaris are cheap and affordable during these months when gorilla permits are discounted.Travellers to Uganda who track gorillas in April, May and November get a chance to save big not only for their next trips but also for other great tour adventures in the country. The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA),the government body responsible for managing all national parks in Uganda , announced Uganda gorilla permit stability until 2019 when they have plans of revising the tariff giving chances to those planning to see gorillas in one or two years. Please feel free to reserve your discounted gorilla permit now and track gorillas once you ready at same price offers.

Travel with a Friend

Did you know booking a Uganda gorilla safari tour with a friend is much more cheap than when you alone?. Remember different costs are shared-transport, accommodation that you meet alone on a sole trip. Therefore better to talk to friends about your next travel plan and get those you share the same interest to join you on your gorilla tracking tour in Uganda. It doesn’t matter whether you go for a private tailor made trip or backpacking but the company your travel buddy keeps you going even when things get tough.

Join a Group Tour

This option is suitable to those without travel buddies and wants to save a few dollars on their gorilla safari tour. To do this, make your first move by asking your trip organizer about the available  gorilla safari tours  but it’s always to place in your booking at least six months before and be either the first in the group and market it to other travelers. Meet up with many people and make new friends. Group tours are amazing, pocket friendly and awesome. The cost of group tours include full care and full package with everything-transport, meals and accommodation in a very comfortable setting as agreed at the time of booking.

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