How to Travel Around Uganda during Covid-19

Traveling is part of our lives. It is something we are attached to. One feels lifeless without traveling for a while. At least once in a year, one has to leave his/her usual place to visit a new area, meet new people and discover some new things that are peculiar to their normal environment.

Traveling is really therapy for refreshing and reenergising oneself to get going again. One of the popular places to visit is the natural environment. The natural environment consists of undisturbed flora and fauna in their original form. In this day and age generation, natural environments are rare to find, Uganda located in the east of Africa is one of the few places in the world with a wealth of virgin environs.  The country has ten national parks, over 20 wildlife reserves and a plethora of other natural features like lakes, river and mountains to explore and enjoy.

Traveling around Uganda was hampered by the outbreak of covid-19 which restricted socialisation (crowding) of people. Traveling had to be cut out since it encompasses around visiting new places and interacting with people.  However, as covid-19 has been slightly subdued, people are back to traveling and in full throttle because of the lengthy period they were indoors. They now have ravenous appetite to enjoy the outdoor environment and the beauty it beholds.

Although people have been allowed to travel around Uganda, the usual travelling is no more. Standard operating procedures have been set out to guide people on how to travel around Uganda in the new normal (covid-19 era)

Uganda Travel Tips During the Covid-19 Era

  1. Travel with Negative PCR Covid-19 Test certificate

The negative PCR Covid-19 Test certificate is like a green card for international travellers to Uganda. No one is allowed into Uganda without presenting a negative PCR covid-19 test certificate at Entebbe Airport or any other border point. Its validity must be less than 72 hours before the test.  More so, upon arrival at the airport, a traveller is subjected to a mandatory PCR covid-19 test at 30$. The good news is; the tourist is left to travel to the hotel or any other abode and the results are sent electronically. If found positive of covid-19, the guest is advised to quarantine at the hotel for 14 days and then continue his/her travel.

  1. Take a Covid-19 Jab

Covid-19 is a killer bug that has claimed millions and millions of people, you are not exception. We are all susceptible to it especially the traveling people who are likely to get to crowed places like airports, hotel and recreational centres. We advise to get vaccinated of Covid-19 as it is the only way to fight it. Covid-19 vaccination is free of charge in any country around the world. it doesn’t cost a thing to save yourself from the virus.

  3.Carry a facemask and Hand sanitizer

Wearing a facemask at all times while with people and hand sanitizing when in contact with people and people reachable places are among the main guidelines set out by World Health Organisation Advisory on Covid-19. During your travel around Uganda, carry as many facemask as you can and adequate hand sanitizer to prevent yourself from any likelihood of covid-19 transmission.

4.Avoid Using cash

It is evident that money is the major carrier of covid-19 virus. Uganda being a cash economy, it is very hard to do away with it. However, the positive is that there are other avenues of making payments like the use of visa card and mobile money. The travel and hospitality sector has embraced cashless payments especially in this pandemic period. Airport, Hotel, national parks and supermarkets have electronic payment systems compatible to Visa card and credit card. They also accept Mobile money transfers. Therefore, carry your credit card or visa card and also while you get a Uganda sim pack for your mobile phone endeavour to register it for mobile money transaction. Deposit some money on your mobile money account which you will use to make payments for local item purchases on your tour around Uganda.

  1. Avoid Traveling to crowded places

Uganda has so many tourism destinations to travel but avoid places that encourage mass tourism, go to places with fewer people like the national parks and other eco places around the country. There is a high chance of getting covid-19 in places where people are crowded because of the great likelihood of getting in contact with one another yet that’s how covid-19 transmits.

  1. Hire a car

It is best to do away with public means of transport to avoid contact with other people. We advise you to hire a car in Uganda, there are very many rental companies with reliable, convenient and cheap services. A rental car does not only serve from Covid-19 but it is also a faster means of transport.

  1. Don’t drive at night

One of the Covid-19 guidelines set out in Uganda is stoppage of movement of cars and people by 7:00pm. Therefore, you have to abide to the curfew rule set so that you don’t be on the wrong side of the law.

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