Carnivores are mammals that feed primarily on meat.

African wild dog Lycaon pictus

Africa’s largest canid, the african wild dog is characterised by markings of brown, yellow and white blotches.

Bat-eared fox Otocyon megalotis

The bat-eared fox’s most definitive feature are its large spoon-like ears (from which it gets its name). The body is a dirty-brown colour and the legs are black.

Cheetah Acinonyx jubatus

The fastest animal on land the cheetah is built for speed, with long legs, non-retractable claws and a rudder-shaped tail for control!

Hyena spotted Crocuta crocuta

The most common of the hyenas with dark brown spots on a yellow-brown coat. The back slopes from the head to the low-slung rump.

Jackal black backed Canis mesomelas

The size and shape of a medium-sized domestic dog it is the most common of the jackals of Africa. Also called the silver-backed jackal due to the silver sheen on the top of its body.

Serval Leptailurus serval

A beautiful cat with yellowy-brown body with black markings of spots, splotches and bars and a black-tipped tail.