Classification of Gorillas

  • Class – Mammalia
  • Order – Primates
  • Suborder – Apes
  • Genus – gorilla gorillas

Gorillas are the largest of these  primates.

Gorillas are the closest relatives to humans in the animal kingdom. They are similar to people not only in appearance but also in that they are highly intelligent and form complex social groups. Apes are divided into the lesser apes(the gibbons) and the larger, more human-like great apes – the gorillas, orangutan and chimpanzees.

The gorilla resembles us in even more aspects although the chimpanzee is our closest living relative on the planet. Their hands and feet are like ours, they spend more time on the ground and consequently gorillas are better able to walk. They share almost 98% of the DNA!

The gorillas’ relationships within the family are very important, hence have high social qualities. They bring out their feelings, varying from loving and hating to shame and jealousy, by at least 20-distinct vocalizations, all with different meaning. They also use beating on the chests or falling on the ground as a common form of communication. The silverback mainly does this to show his power and intimidate others.

Despite their impressive looks, they are extremely gentle and peace loving.

Violence rarely happens in the gorilla families. They have solidarity in case of danger. When two leaders of different groups meet each other, then it is only when serious fights might take place.