Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla is among the largest and biggest animals and it belongs to the Eastern Gorilla species.

Where to Find Mountain Gorillas?

Mountain gorillas are found in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in North West Rwanda and the Virunga National Park in Eastern Congo.

How Do Mountain Gorillas Look Like?

The hairs of mountain gorilla are much longer and thick than ordinary gorilla and they typically dwell on mountains at higher altitudes. It’s long and thick hairs let is fight with extremely hot or extremely cold climate at higher altitudes.

The feet of mountain Gorilla are very similar to human being in addition to similarities between a lot of other things as well. The nose prints of gorilla are unique and can be used to identify one Gorilla from the other.

The weight of an ordinary male mountain Gorilla is double to that of female gorilla.

The adult males of mountain Gorillas are also termed as ‘silverback’. This is because they get grayish or silver colored hairs at the age of maturity.

The height of mountain Gorilla or any other species of Gorilla ceases to grow after the age of maturity.

Not only mountain gorilla but almost every of the species of gorilla lives very similar to human beings. They use to sleep at the night timings and can be seen active at the day timings.

Mountain Gorillas take a lot of time eating and wandering from one place to another.

The typical altitudes at which mountain gorillas dwell are about 10,000 to 12000 ft. But they can also be found at altitudes of 14,000 ft. There are relatively lesser number of mountain Gorillas at that much height. This is because plants and fruits are easily accessible by Gorillas at lesser heights.

Since mountain Gorilla is a herbivore, therefore its typical diet include shoots, stems and leaves. Several plants speciess are consumed readily by gorillas.

Gorillas do not drink water. Instead, they make water from the vapors of the foliage they consume.

Mountain Gorillas live in the form of groups or family. They may range from 3 to 30 Gorillas in a single group and one group live at a specific place for one year. After a year, mountain Gorillas shift their home to some new place. The home is usually selected on the basis of enough provision of food, fruits and plants.