Uganda is surely one of the top safari destinations in the eastern part of Africa. A safari in Uganda is a very enchanting way of enjoying travels here in this part of the world. This is one of the countries in African which is filled with the best sights of wildlife and also the greatest scenes of gorillas. Filled with the best natural delights and interesting wildlife this is one region which is a perfect treat for the wildlife lover.

The beauty of Uganda is what Churchill Winston called the “Pearl of Africa in his book   “My African Journey” as he was writing about his Africa safari holiday to East Africa that he enjoyed in 1907.Every safari tour in Uganda offers a peace of mind that comes automatically with the eye catching attractions, weather and landscape. Discover the glory of Uganda and its neighbors from the multiple primates, wildlife, lakes, landscape, mountains, and culture a life treasure that the country holds for future generations. On this exotic journey, you will understand the in depth geography, wildlife, culture and all the historical diversities of the country.

Lots of Exciting Destinations to Visit in Uganda

Uganda has been discovered by several tourists but still there is much more to enjoy on every safari in Uganda. Imagine enjoying a scenic ride admiring rolling hills, exploring the mighty falls, Lakes and Rivers, abundant wildlife and the last but the best the most beautiful ape-the mountain gorillas.

Murchison Falls National Park –Discover the wonders of Murchison fall with unforgettable wildlife safari experience. Famed for its thundering waters that hold fights with rocks forcing each other into a narrow gorge, it’s no surprise that Murchison falls is one of the fine safari places to explore in Uganda. Wild beauty abounds with ells fantastic game viewing, boat cruise, chimpanzee treeking,birding making Murchison falls national park a wealth leisure park for sole, group, private and family Uganda holidays.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park offers numerous amazing tour adventures for those searching for jungle excitement. Go gorilla trekking in the beautiful natural forest, swim in every corner in the calm waters of lake Bunyonyi, get a cultural mix with a visit to the Batwa people or hike to the impressive bwindi water falls and also spare a minute and change a life of the locals around the park through the charity retreats in the area. Besides, you can just enjoy a community walk and get a chance to taste the locally made coffee in the community.

Uganda’s Fascinating Culture

Uganda is not only rich in nature and wildlife, but also has an undiscovered, fascinating cultural heritage. Inland you can experience the rich culture of the area and meet the locals on a rural community village tour. Enjoyment of different lifestyle, dance and habits is a must while in the Pearl of Africa. Dine in the city of Kampala an interesting historical site area with lots to discover and learn. While in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, make it a point to follow the Batwa people trail a place where true ancient Uganda culture reigns. Learn about the life in the jungle forest with mountain gorillas and other forest habitats and paint avivd picture of the past true local Ugandan.

Experience it All with Fantastic Uganda safari

Are you looking for fantastic safari vacations in Africa/, Uganda a small land locked country in East Africa  bordered by Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo all great safari destinations in Africa offers a  perfect setting for all its visitors to experience the many wonders of  the country. This year make it a point to visit the Pearl of Africa with a complete Gorilla & wildlife safari combined with unforgettable water adventures, beaches and culture. The time is now to plan and head out on a life changing Uganda safari that will impact your life forever.