Wildlife Tourism

Wildlife Tourism (the tourism with visitors interacting with wild animals) has attracted an increased interest from governments, tourism industry as well as researchers. The wildlife can provide several activities that include scuba diving on a coral reef, wildlife safari in Africa, whale watching from a boat or land, bird-watching either independently or with a commercial guide, spotting animals while walking in a national park, staying at an eco – resort in the wild, visiting a wildlife sanctuary, big game fishing and trophy hunting, among others have all contributed to the rapid growth in the tourism industry or sector thus sustaining the economies of the many countries where such activities are provided or hosted.

Many African grounds have gained ground in this industry especially, those of East and Central Africa , that have specified in the provision of mountain gorilla trekking tours the likes of Uganda , Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (all covering the Virunga ranges of Africa). The mountain gorillas in Uganda can be found around Bwindi Impenetrable Natural Forest and Mgahinga National Park and those in Rwanda around, Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park while those in Congo are found at The Virunga National Park.